Essay about Letter From The Birmingham Jail

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People take little things for granted in their lives like sleeping on a bed or having a roof over their heads. Someone that has a person that loves them endlessly even though a person can mess-up. “At the Canadian Ball” gives a good example of how three people can take each other for granted due to love. “In The Monkey House” J. Edgar Nation makes a pill for monkeys. “Letter from the Birmingham Jail” how Martin Luther King had died for equal rights between blacks and whites. It is tremendously easy to take things for granted in our lives, especially if it is the little things. Having the privilege of waking up every morning without caring about your surroundings is a privilege for some. Owning a house with numerous bathroom and bedrooms is something only few have the gift of having. Yet millions of people around the world do not have the opportunity to wake up a single day in their lives without having to worry about what will be their next meal, where can they find shelter for the night, or can they even survive another day without dying because of lack of nutrition and basic necessities. People who struggle with these problems on an everyday basis know how precious simple thing in life are, but some who have these simple privileges waste it on drugs. Freedom of speech is taken for granted in present day. We have the privilege of expressing ourselves in the United States without the worry of having to be persecuted for what we deem is right to say. In some areas around…

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