Letter About My Financial Aid Status Essay

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This letter is regarding my financial aid status, which is currently ineligible. In submitting my appeal, it is in hopes I may once again receive financial aid assistance in furthering my education. In the past, I have encountered many challenges, thus hindering my success as a student. Hopefully, I can offer insight as to why this was so detrimental in my ability to attend college and focus on my academics. Presently, my life has changed significantly, allowing myself to overcome the challenges, therefore more determined than ever to succeed. Between the years of 1994-95 I have endured many difficult circumstances, becoming a mother at a very young age and being domestically abused the years while attending school in fall of 1994 presented challenges. In addition, it is during this time I learned of my children’s father’s addiction to drugs. Shortly after conceiving our second child, in spring of 1995 my children’s father received a conviction for drug possession, and incarcerated, eventually leading into his deportation to his country of origin, El Salvador. Within the same year of 1995, my 16-year-old brother had been a target of bullying and committed manslaughter going on the run, later returning and turning himself in. Since my family could not afford an attorney for my brother’s defense, my brother’s friend helped us with the attorney fees, for which I was very grateful. Needless to say, these events were life altering for all involved.

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