We Still Love Each Other, Right?: A Short Story

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We Still ‘Love’ Each Other, Right?

“I have an idea, let’s roast each other!”
“How about we don’t do that because it’s stupid.”
“No, I think it’s great-- I love knowing what people don’t like about me.”
“Me too, let’s do it!”
“I think I have to leave soon.”
“Then we’ll start with you, sit back down.” * * * * * * * * A few hours earlier, the clock shows that it’s six o’clock. Gabrielle and I have been hanging out since school was let out, and we still can’t decide if we want to go to the Theatre Club Thanksgiving Party. We’re already an hour late, but we decide to get dressed up and go. There’s been a lot of tension between the rest of the members of Theatre Club and I; ever since the president of the club had broken up with
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There is a sign on the front door of the house saying “Welcome! Come right in, we’re in the basement!” As we walk in, we can hear talking in the basement. The house is ginormous. There is art displayed throughout the house, and it’s all immaculate. I see a sign that points to the basement, and walk through the door that leads down to it.
Everyone is sitting in the back corner of the basement playing Truth or Dare. They don’t even notice us walk in.
“Hey! We’re here.” I say.
Only Mitchell notices that we’ve showed up, and he comes over to greet us.
“Hey guys! Thanks for coming. We’ve already eaten, so go ahead and take as much as you want.” He says.
Gabrielle and I walk over to the counter and grab as much food as we think we can consume, and we sit and eat. As we finish our ‘thanksgiving dinner,’ the game of Truth or Dare has become lackadaisical. We join the circle, and go through a few more rounds of dares, but at this point everyone is either talking or is on their phone.
“This is stupid, we’re supposed to be bonding.” says Clara, my ex-girlfriend.
“Well, what do you want to do?” asks her twin Maxine. “I have an idea, let’s roast each other!” says Clara.
“How about we don’t do that because it’s stupid.” says Kevin, he had graduated, but came to visit

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