Essay on Lethal Injection

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Executing condemned prisoners by lethal injection is cruel and unusual punishment and should not be legal. Lethal injections are the most common procedure of capital punishment in the United States today, but it does not mean that it is the most civilized. Several states use the three-drug protocol, with sodium thiopental, pancuronium bromide, and potassium. The other method is by injecting a large dose of barbiturate. Several problems can occur with these methods and cause excoriating pain and torcher. Physicians stand under the Hippocratic’s Oath to save people lives, not to kill them, often inexperienced technicians and orderlies carried out the injections of the drugs. It is cruel and inhumane to let untrained workers administer drugs …show more content…
Because of the different methods, dosages, and chemical paralytics used in lethal injections, physicians must feel they are participating in deception, violating human dignity, and disrespecting their professionalism. A judge’s decision to block sodium thiopental has left states to depend on a substitute drug, pentobarbital, which is becoming scarce. This healthy piece of news adds to the concerns that inmates are experimented with and the ethical behavior of all parties involved with lethal injection is unprofessional.

Medical Expertise
Lethal injection as a form of capital punishment should discontinue because the three protocol controlled drugs are injected by non-medical personnel. Generally, it is the prison staff that is responsible for injecting the controlled substances or three protocol drugs into the condemned prisoner. Lethal injection as a form of execution appears to be more humane than other former methods of capital punishment because lethal injection is a medical procedure. Medical procedures are typically conducted by medical staff however lethal injections are carried out by prison staff with no affiliation with any medical association. It is outrageous for a medical procedure such as lethal injection can be conducted by non-medical staff instead of trained medical staff experienced with the usage of the three controlled drugs that comprises the lethal injection. It is difficult to locate a patient’s vein in a

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