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LET1 TASK 317.1.1-06 LET1 Task 317.1.1-06 1. To understand the Expectancy Theory of motivation, you must first understand the three key components of this theory. The three key components are Expectancy probability,


Instrumentality probability, and Valence. To determine your motivational force, you must assign a value or level of importance to each of the three components. The first key component of the Expectancy Theory of motivation is Expectancy probability. In this component, you see the effort to performance relationship. You determine how hard you want to work on a project based on the level of performance or outcome desired. If you desire to meet the goals of a task (performance), you have to consider how much work (effort)
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That is, of course, if they desired a paid day off of work. However, if an employee did not want a paid day off from work, they would likely rate this component much lower than other employees as their motivational force. This employee may desire a different type of reward than what is being offered.


2. In the given scenario, Supervisor B talked with some of Supervisor A’s employees about the new process and goals. Some of the employees lack confidence in their ability to perform the work due to it requiring more hand dexterity. This could be overcome by implementing some training on the new process with the employees that are having difficulty with it. With the training the employee would feel more confident in their abilities, thereby increasing the effort to performance relationship. Others in Supervisor A’s group have no difficulty with the new process or goal, yet they lack motivation to achieve the goal. This is likely because the extra effort is not rewarded. This could be fixed by implementing a different pay plan. The company could consider using a competency-based pay where the employees with better dexterity would be paid more based on their abilities. Another consideration could be to implement a piece-rate pay system. With this employee would get paid extra cents/dollars for each unit on top of their normal hourly rate.

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