Essay about Let 's Talk About Sex

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Let’s Talk About Sex was the documentary presented to the students. The documentary was about the different view on the topic of sex education. The documentary films the views of the parents and their children and what their thought are. The documentary compares the difference views between families from the United States and Netherlands. The document shows how a family from the U.S (Kelsey’s family) hold a strong relationship, yet secrets were kept. Kelsey’s mother was more closed minded about the topic of sex and she believed her daughter should safe herself for someone special, yet Kelsey had already participated in the action of sex. Kelsey had already participated on sex, nevertheless she had not shared the information with her mother because she was scared of how she would react. On the other side, we have a family from the Netherlands (Eduard’s family) who also share a strong bond without the necessity of holding back. Eduard’s family understand sex and they understand that it will be better if their son participates in safe sex; unlike Kelsey, Eduard is not afraid to speak to his parents about his sex life. The topic of sex is taken in two very different ways within the countries; sex is a casual dinner talk in Netherlands, while it’s a serious conversation on the U.S. Teenagers themselves have different views, an example with be a girl with a condom would be consider an easy slut in the U.S, while she would not be judge in the Netherlands; same with guys. Lastly, we…

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