Let 's Not Go That Low Alcohol Essay

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Let’s Not Go That Low
Alcohol consumptions kills nearly 88,000 people annually(NIAAA). These deaths are preventable by not being intoxicating while driving, or not excessively drinking and damaging your body. The drinking age in the United States today is 21 years of age or older, anyone younger than this is breaking the law with some exceptions. Although it has not always been set at this age. Alcohol has had issues with the government for decades. In the 1920’s the government banned the consumption of liquor, beer, anything with alcohol. After the prohibition era, the government knew they couldn’t outlaw the consumption of alcohol. Instead the government repealed the 18th amendment with the 21st amendment which allowed each state set their own age limit on alcohol. In an article, Alcohol Facts and Statistics on the website ProCon it gives us details of reports in the 1970’s of states which had not made their age limit 21, had higher teenage car crashes while intoxicated. In 1988 all states raised their drinking age to 21(Drinking Age). Now, 87.6% of Americans whom are 18 and older have consumed some type of alcohol in their lifetime (NIAAA). Meaning there’s always a risk of having a problem when being associated with alcohol. The alcohol drinking age should not be lowered to 18 years old, because it increases irresponsible behavior, health problems, and social risks.
At the age of 18 a person has not fully developed a certain level of maturity and does not understand…

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