Let 's Get Behind Real Food Essay

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Let’s Get Behind REAL Food

Food is powerful. It is the cleanser of the spirit, the nurturer of the soul, and the symbol of self-love. But only good, true, real, and plentiful food can bring about both mentally and physically energy. Many people take for granted that it is necessary for us to eat to live by eating food that do not provide any nutrients or energy. Granted, it may seem strange or bewildering that food can have such a strong impact on the world, but the truth is it can. Food itself has an influential impact on the world around us. It is a part of culture that bestows happiness, and brings life and growth. Dr. Habib Sadeghi said “There are no bad ingredients in the recipe of life. We can fully digest all the ingredients of our life and see that they’ve come together perfectly to make for a fuller human experience.” With real and abundant ingredients there can be no bad ingredient. Truthfully, amazing, delicious, and energizing food is easy with real ingredients. But we live in a world where people are left hungry, starve themselves, and are unhealthy from eating processed junk. But there is a solution for it all. I am suggesting organizations and individuals support the cause of that help bring real and plentiful food, pure water, and knowledge of food to people who don’t have it themselves. A change is necessary; people who are currently left starving, undernourished, and uneducated should have the opportunity to nourish their bodies plentifully with real…

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