Essay Let Win By Peter Guber

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The memories of our past can continue to hinder our future, or as Peter Guber proclaims in his book “Tell to Win” the story of our past can help us to move an audience to action. In chapter 4 of Peter Guber’s novel, Tell to Win, teaches us how to use backstory in storytelling. He shares with us the challenges of the backstory and how this can help in positive ways any storyteller regardless if they are great storytellers or not. Guber uses the term backstory to stress the importance of one’s past in order to have a purposeful story. He defines, analyzes, and suggests how backstory can be used in multiple occupations or events to create an audience that connects to the presenter’s purpose. In this essay the term backstory will be defined and used for practical application into my Senior Talk.
By the term “backstory” Guber means to use stories that have happened to you in the past that can help you in your present and future to move peoples heart and achieve success. In page 63 it says, “ based on scientific evidence that backstories affect and aflict everyone’s life. For better or worse.” In page 63 it also says, “ Backstories actually can define a person’s future”. Our backstories will either push us to achieve success or crush us in the future. Everyone has a rough past but is in our hands if we want to repeat the same story again or make it be a life lesson that will help us towards a better life. Peter Guber provides many real world examples in Chapter 4 that help us…

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