Essay on Let Me Tell You A Story About Mike

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Let me tell you a story about Mike. Mike was a black man having relations with a white woman in the 70’s. His community didn’t much care for that, and the white woman ended up dead. Everyone knew it was Mike, the police, the news outlets, the families of the community. Mike was arrested and sentenced to death on circumstantial evidence, because the jury knew it was him. He was executed last year after 45 years on death row fighting his innocence. Shortly after, DNA evidence exonerated him and proved him not guilty. The death penalty (except in cases of heinous crimes) does more harm than good. Many people have strong feelings about capital punishment without having statistics and facts to back up their stance. Every year valuable community resources are wasted to continue this practice that could be better spent elsewhere. Having a family member on death row and some recent classmates having interactions with criminals on death row, I needed to know more about capital punishment. While I was doing research I discovered many things that when added up caused a complete reversal of my stance on this issue. There were 3 major issues I found in my research: every year, innocent men are put to death; the system is biased towards minorities living in the south; and the costs of putting someone to death are massive when compared to the alternative of life without parole.
What is the cost of an innocent life, is it worth the same as the life of a criminal? Every year…

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