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CULTURAL DIFFERENCES: Let's break a deal


1. Michael realizes that Norio is hinting that he misses Roger. By mentioning him, he is signaling to Michael that Roger's absence is disturbing.

2. Michael’s strategy is to pressure Norio. He is under enormous time constraints and needs to get the deal signed and move on.

3. Michael feels that this meeting was a failure. He did not reach his objectives, and had difficulty reading the needs of his prospective client.

4. Michael is unsure of what Norio is indicating. He senses that perhaps the deal is off, but is puzzled by Norio's lack of directness.

5. Michael’s certain that his concern was accurate. There is definitely a communication problem in that
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They would look for an American to be on time state their business and move on; to be of one’s words and facts. If competition were a factor, the expectation would be that any concerns or issues would be dealt with above board and face to face instead of after one of the parties has left the meeting.

Australians dealing with one another or a more relaxed business; a sporting event (soccer or skateboarding) may have fewer differences because they follow more closely to showing the measure of the man and his work instead just talking about what one can accomplish. I feel the humor would be heartily understood and accepted.

4. While we may not understand cultures perfectly, there is a great deal of respect that I feel is projected to the other person or culture when we take time to learn about them. We are there to do business and that's why we're engaging one another. Like many successful relationships, learning likes and dislike and making accommodations shows that you care and are vested in the growth of the business relationship and provides an opportunity to see what the true nature or intent of the parties involved.

1. Sargento expects the employees of the company to conduct themselves

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