Lessons from Valujet 592 Essay

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(1) What is the relevance of the particular case under discussion? Why should students spend their time reading it? Why is this case significant?
This case shows the importance of accountability within public administration. As well as the protection of the public. On page 18 of “American Public Administration: Public Service for the 21st Century” Robert Cropf asks “How do we ensure that bureaucrats remain accountable?” A tough question to answer in the face of political agendas at work in our society. This case is an example of how public servants are manipulated into activities and behaviors which favor business at the expense of public safety. It is a lesson which every public servant especially those higher up the chain must learn
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The work order with instructions on how to accomplish the task was provided. However, it is in stark contrast with the actual MD-80 service and repair manual. The manual is much more extensive. According to the SabreTech mechanics the oxygen generators were placed in cardboard boxes then placed on a rack in the hangar near the planes. Where they sat for weeks. In May the boxes were taken to the ValuJet section of SabreTech's shipping and receiving hold area. The stock clerk then reorganized the contents of the boxes by redistributing the number of generators in each box, placing them on their side’s end-to-end along the length of the box, and placing about two to three inches of plastic bubble wrap in the top of each box. He then closed the boxes and to each applied a blank SabreTech address label and a ValuJet COMAT label with the notation "aircraft parts." May 9 he asked a SabreTech receiving clerk to prepare a shipping ticket for the boxes of oxygen generators and three DC-9 tires. The boxes remained in the shipping department until May 11. The stock clerk was told to take the three tires and the boxes over to the ValuJet ramp area. The clerk said that he loaded the items and proceeded to the ValuJet ramp area, where he was directed by the ramp agent to unload the material onto a baggage cart. The ValuJet employee sign the shipping ticket, and returned to the SabreTech facility. The shipping ticket listing tires and oxygen canisters should have caught the ramp agent’s

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