Lessons Of A Childhood Graduate Essay

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Lessons of a Childhood Graduate
Childhood means something different to each person. For some, their youth meant family and community; for others, being a youth meant self-discovery and independence. Regardless, everyone has a few core values they have learned from their childhood. For me, the most important parts of my childhood was adventure, sports and family. Adventure encourages risk-taking and new experiences. It allows individuals to discover their passions and a zest for life. Sports teach children numerous valuable lessons including teamwork and discipline. Sports allow children to build friendships and relieve stress. Finally, family teaches you some of the most important lessons you can learn; love, compassion and commitment. Having a committed family that shows you endless love eventually rubs off on you. Adventure, sports and family were by far the most memorable childhood experiences I adopted growing up.
As a child, adventure was a big part of my life. I biked to school by myself, traveled to foreign countries and tried new exotic foods. Exploration helps develop a child 's sense of curiosity and learning while experiencing the world around them. They can discover all kinds of things about themselves, even as simple as what foods they do not like or what kind of weather they prefer. All of these self-discoveries will prove useful throughout your life. Growing up I was encouraged to try new things. Every time my family and I would go out to a restaurant we…

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