Lessons Learned From A Crossover Career Essay

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For all kinds of reasons, some new, like opportunities in the health information technology industry, and some old, like burnout, occasionally physicians decide to leave clinical practice and pursue other careers.

The transition to a new career isn 't always quick. It 's possible, and often wise, to wind down clinical work while ramping up a new career over months or years. Also, a career change needn 't be permanent. Many physicians who decide not to work in hospitals or group practices maintain their licenses and medical education either as a backup or as part of a plan to return to clinical work eventually.

Be realistic. Recognize that more often than not, you’ll make less money. Of course, there are exceptions: Physicians have become successful stockbrokers or venture capitalists. Top management positions also pay well. But consider talking over your aspirations with a financial planner to see if you can truly afford to do something different.

How much change can you tolerate? If you go the management route, you’ll probably be changing jobs every three to five years. Companies merge, they downsize, and they want new blood. There’s no job security, but there is career security. If you’ve done one medical management job, you can get another one.

A successful career change takes an average of two to three years. It’s not something that happens easily. It requires a tremendous amount of energy. Consider an incremental process,…

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