Essay about Lessons From The Assembly Line

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The selected reading material I chose was, “Some Lessons From the Assembly Line”. By Andrew Braaksma (2005). The writer’s point is that education is important and the alternative has harsh conditions with little reward. The author shares his experience working long shifts for small wages and how he considers himself fortunate to be able to receive an education. I think the writer wants the audience to see the value of hard work and also realize how helpful an education really is when it comes to jobs and incomes.
I like how the author not only expressed the necessity of education but also illustrated blue-collared work descriptively. The way he expressed his gratitude to be in school after working in the factory during break showed his real life understanding of what hard work is and also why he was in college. I agree with the writer’s point because there are people who work long hours and bring home very low incomes due to the lack of a degree.
The first section I chose is when the author explained how his summer job differed from his peers (para 3). This passage had a positive effect on my perception of the writer. I felt he provided real life experience to validate his authority to write on his subject and support his claim. The section also offers alternative options that differed from his personal views and decisions. The second section I chose is where the writer concludes that working 12-hour shifts made his options “brutally clear” (para…

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