Lesson Plan For The Five Senses Through Rain By Manya Stojic Essay

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Lesson Plan Format

Type of Lesson
Read-Aloud Lesson Students will be reinforcing what they have already learned about the five senses through Rain by Manya Stojic, with a discussion focusing on the difference in the five senses and the impact they have on the story and its characters.

Information about the Class
Grade Level: 27 Kindergarteners
Reading Levels: The students in this class cannot read on their own yet.
Diversity – Gender: 12 girls and 15 boys. Linguistic Diversity: From what has been observed, I believe all the students speak English besides one boy who speaks another language at home. Race/Ethnicity: 16 Caucasian, 9 African American, 1 Middle Eastern, 1 Hispanic SES: Lower/Middle class. Ability: One student is going through the evaluation process of IEP.

Background Knowledge
Student Knowledge: The students have been going over the five senses and their characteristics. This is a new topic for them as they just started learning them at the end of last week. My cooperating teacher reviews the five senses with them during Morning Meeting and also has a song for them to sing about them that describes each one.
Your Knowledge: There are a couple of students that have a hard time keeping quiet and sitting nicely on the rug (the jungle). Students need to be separated before the read aloud so that all students can have full engagement. I have about 20 minutes to complete my read aloud and questions in the morning because they have specials and lunch early, so it’s…

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