Lesson Plan For Learners With Limited English Proficiency And Severe Disabilities

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Lesson Plan for Learners with Limited English Proficiency and Severe Disabilities

Name: ‘’’’ Date: Content/Grade: 6-8

Length 1 hour
State Standard Common Core State Standards
Lesson Objectives 1. Teach students new vocabularies about body parts. 2. Teach students how to describe the parts of the human body through making specific connections/linkages between what the students knows and new knowledge
Preparations • Gather as Supplies to create a Print rich environment
• Develop the graphic organizers for the lessons
• Print the drawing of the human body for each learner
• Rehearse songs to aid in the lesson
• Prepare how to model various words as well as concepts
• Learn the special needs of each student so as to adopt the lesson to fit their needs
• Look into the learner’s exposure to the English language
Materials: • Visual aids (Pictures of the various parts of the body with the Bilingual names)
• Projector and Computer access to a show pictures names of the various part of the Body in bilingual term
• Picture drawings of a human body
• Art supplies such as crayons and colored pencils
• Graphic organizers,
• Adapted texts
• Handouts
Learner Description The lesson will be delivered to severely disabled children with limited English proficiency (LEP).

Instructional Sequence Instructional Procedures Time in Mins IEP/Adaptations Student to Needs Rationale
1. The class will commence by letting learners watch a short video of parts of…

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