Initiation Motivation 5 Minutes

A) Initiation/Motivation: (5 Minutes)
1. The teacher will begin the lesson by asking the students to walk over to their letter on the carpet. The teacher will explain that today they are going to look at a poem about 3D shapes, and then they are going to complete a shape sort at their seats on their own.
2. The teacher will them tell the students that first the teacher will play the 3D shape song so the students can listen and sing along. The teacher will walk over to the computer and get the song up, as the song introduces each new shape the teacher will hold up a manipulative of that shape so the students can place the name with the shape. This will also give the students a good visual of the real life examples the song will be talking about.
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While the students begin working the teacher will walk around and assist students that need guidance. Once the students start to finish up the teacher will collect each of the student’s pages and have a conversation with each student about their paper.
7. The teacher will send the students to the math or literacy centers until most of the students are finished or it is time for lunch.
C) Lesson Closure: (5 Minutes)
1. When it is 5 minutes before recess or when most of the students are finished the teacher will gather all of the students back to the carpet.
2. The teacher will show some of the student’s work and have the students explain to the whole group what objects were placed with what shape and then why.
3. The teacher will then ask the students for some examples of the different 3D shapes and allow the students line up as they answer the teacher.
A) Student Assessment:
- The teacher will observe the students as they answer the questions the teacher asks while reviewing the poster and talking about the poem.
- The teacher will have conversations with the students about their papers one-on-one to heat the student’s thinking. Formal:
- The teacher will collect the student’s sort sheet to look over and take

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