Lesson Analysis And Reflection On The Lesson Essay examples

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Lesson Analysis & Reflection
The lesson analysis and reflection will be over a mathematics lesson taught to a small group of second graders in a resource room. The timing of this lesson was appropriate. I had enough time to go over the lesson thoroughly. I finished a few minutes early and was able to re-iterate the strategies taught during the lesson. I was also able to implement more problems to make the lesson more concrete for a better understanding of the strategy.
The benefits of this strategy is the students can use the method grouping by five in order to subtract nine in other areas of mathematics including multiplication and addition. The drawbacks of the strategy is it can be challenging for younger students to understand why they are grouping a particular number together in order to subtract. This strategy can be a disadvantage because it relies on the objects of subtraction being drawn out. If students are not visual learners this can deter them from wanting to learn or slow down the process for them learning this method.
A visual representation and an explanation was in my opinion the best way to demonstrate the strategy. Maybe more technology included could have made the lesson better. I probably didn 't ask enough questions due to the fact that my students did not fully grasp the strategy. They seem to comprehend the strategy partially. I could have asked questions like; "Do you know why we are doing this?” I could 've also if there was anything that they…

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