Leonardo Davinci And Michelangelo 's Influence On The Renaissance Period

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In terms of the renaissance period it is important to recognize the influences that lead to the creation of the renaissance movement and the artists who significantly defined the period. No two artists come to my mind quicker than Leonardo Davinci and Michelangelo. Though, both talented men and were central to the renaissance period, they approached their work in very different ways. Their methods and technique yielded for creating works of art that are still relevant today.

The renaissance seems to have begun in part to the realization that people were no longer living in the middle ages. It saw classical antiquity as the era when man reached the peak of their creative powers, an era brought to an end by the invasions that destroyed the Roman Empire. During the thousand year interval of darkness which followed little was accomplished, but suddenly the dark period in between, the middle ages, had been superseded by a revival of an interest in the arts and sciences. The aim of the renaissance was not to duplicate the classic work of antiquity but to surpass them. This process brought out an outpouring of creative energy that ultimately pushed forward a new era responsible for the birth of modern man.

The renaissance was based, not on divine salvation as in past historical periods, but more on the basis of human achievement. It saw a shift from the emphasis of the Divine and the birth of the pursuit of the learning of language, literature, history and philosophy in a secular…

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