Leonardo Da Vinci 's Contributions And The World Essay

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Leonardo Da Vinci’s Scientific Contributions to the World
By: Kimia

Leonardo Da Vinci was an extremely important sculptor, artist, scientist, engineer, architect, and, most of all, inventor. He is often referred to as a “Renaissance Man”, which is someone that is extremely skillful and knowledgable in many different areas, and someone who is very versatile and well-rounded. He lived during the period of Renaissance in Europe, which was the period of time that marked the revival of art and literature in Europe. While Leonardo Da Vinci did contribute greatly to art during the Renaissance, his scientific contributions are much more extraordinary, as they were so unorthodox and unbelievable. However, they are lesser known than his artistic contributions because quite a bit of his inventions were very much advanced for his time period and were, therefore, very much uncommon until later on.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s style and method of inventing deviated from most other inventors of his time period. He spent a great deal of time in the field of science and technology rather than art, which he is better known for. He considered science as a form of art and art as a form of science. This can be interpreted from the evidence of many of his inventions, which all lie in his sketchbook where he drew and mapped them all out. What was strange about this, however, was that he managed to “envision” inventions and scientific technology that were premature to their time all in his sketchbook.…

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