Leonardo Da Vinci: The Famous Renaissance Man

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A man not only famous for his artistic skills and being recognized as the original Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci, was as a genius engineer, architect, doctor and inventor. He came from a humble family background and being the only child influenced his lifestyle later on. Around his twenties, Leonardo’s journey in choosing a profession had begun. He was an apprentice for some time then became the real deal near his thirties. In this paper I will give details of a genius man behind the paintings, the events that made him the famous Renaissance man that he is still known for today and two main paintings that impacted my life artistically.
Leonardo was born in Italy, in the small village of Vinci just west of Florence. His father was a well-known
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He was famous during his life because of all that he pushed himself to be and he only became more famous after death because of the impact that he had already made not only in the world of art but in the entire world where he was talked about. This is why till this day he known as the Renaissance man because he made a new high of classical arts and not to say anyone can do them but anyone can attempt to be as great. Everyone has their own unique skill that they are good at and in that were are geniuses in. Leonardo had many journals were he wrote about things that he thought of drawing or bring them to life by building them that were never published. Yet some of those things are materialized today because some other genius thought of it. I am not trying to minimize how legendary Da Vinci is but as said previously I do not think a single person could be compared to him. In conclusion, Leonardo da Vinci was an intellectual man who was multitalented but most famously known for his artistic skills. He had an impatient nature which was a partial reason for his interest in learning different things and not finishing most of his painting, but also what made him such a genius behind every painting he did. For this reason, he will be remembered as the original Renaissance

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