Essay on Leonardo Da Vinci : The Greatest Artist

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The renaissance was a time when many great artists thrived. One of those artists was Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo was born on April 15, 1452 in Vinci, Italy. He became involved with art when his father apprenticed him to the artist, Andrea del Verrocchio. Leonardo quickly surpassed Andrea 's abilities and started creating his own artwork. In order to be considered the greatest artist, one must have developed and used techniques, and have had many pieces of art showcased for others to view. Leonardo meets these requirements through his many famous paintings and original ideas. Due to the large amount of artists during the renaissance, many people competed to be the best. Despite the praise that Michelangelo has received, Leonardo da Vinci is the greatest artist in European history because of his positive influence on others, the worldwide acclaim he has received for his work, and his ability to create new concepts and techniques in painting and drawing.
Unlike other artists, Leonardo da Vinci had the ability to create new concepts and techniques in painting and drawing. Leonardo remained original by not using the quattrocento style, which was commonly used throughout his era, but instead he used the technique of sketching figures as a whole (Clark 133). Leonardo believed in using this technique so that the real meaning of the figures would not be lost. This technique is evident in his studies of th human body and bone structure. Today, these studies are viewed and admired by…

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