Leonardo Da Vinci: The Father Of The Renaissance Man

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Leonardo Da Vinci is known to everyone as the father of the renaissance for the “Renaissance Man” for everything that he contributed during his lifetime. He is the one who invented the high renaissance style he was amused by a lot of things not just painting as everyone knows him for. He also was known for his sculptors, and his inventions, Leonardo was very concern with the laws of science and nature (Leonardo Da Vinci Bio).
Leonardo was born in April 15, 1452 in Vinci, Italy his parents were never married. His father was a Ser Piero was a Florentine notary and landlord while his mother Caterina was a young peasant, he was raised by his father, and his stepmothers (Leonardo Da Vinci Bio). By the age of 15 Da Vinci was the apprentice of artist
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He than began to dissect bodies to inspect the human body in greater detail and by doing he so he gained a grasp on how the body should be painted and reflected in to paintings that look realistic. In the early 1490s’ he began to write into notebooks that he separated into four sections painting, architecture, mechanics and human anatomy. He created thousands of pages and in each page he would write and draw illustrations of what he was talking about and since he was a left handed all of his writing was backwards many people say it was because he didn’t have a teacher to tell him it was wrong and that he felt better pulling the pen instead of pushing the pen like most lefty’s do (Leonardo Da Vinci). His notebooks are now known as da Vinci’s manuscripts or the “codices” which means Codex and have many different things inside them for example one of them describes a 65-foot mechanical bat, for flying since he was very interested in the flight of birds. On another notebook he describes the humans anatomy like the skeleton, muscles, brain, and digestive. And gave a better understanding to the people who read the notebooks. He also has a bunch of notes of war machines that were never heard of for the time he lived he had illustrations of tank like automobiles and different type of …show more content…
Those being “THE LAST SUPPER” and “MONA LISA” which are two of the most known painting sin the world. The first one was “The Last Supper” which was create from 1495 to 1498 it was created for Sforza at the Monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie (Leonardo Da Vinci). The painting measures 5 by 29 feet and it is da Vinci’s only surviving frescos, but it has been touched up many of times because during the creation of the fresco Leonardo experimented with a different way of painting instead of painting it in a wet surface like everybody else did he decided to use a dry wall and use different types of paints. And by doing so after a couple of years it was already chipping away not only was the “The Last Supper” known for Da Vinci’s experimental ways but it is the first time anybody has put the apostles and Jesus facing the same way and also the way Leonardo makes 5 groups in the painting 4 groups of threes and Jesus as a group by him self (Leonardo Da Vinci). The second most notable painting that da Vinci is known for is the “Mona Lisa” after fleeing Milan after the French invaded it in 1499 Leonardo went to Florence where he was commissioned to paint “La Giaconda” a 21 by 31 inch work which is best known as the “Mona Lisa” painted approximately 1503 and 1506. It is known for the women’s slight smile and that the woman doesn’t have eyebrows even though people have said they have seen a lite stroke of he brush

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