Comparing Leonardo Da Vinci's Life And Art

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Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519) is a standout amongst the most interesting identities ever. Prepared in Florence

as a painter and stone carver in the workshop of Andrea del Verrocchio (1435–1488), Leonardo is additionally celebrated for his experimental

commitments. Leonardo 's interest and unquenchable yearn for learning never left him. He was continually watching, testing, and designing, and drawing was, for him, an apparatus for recording his examination of nature. Albeit finished works by Leonardo are few, he cleared out a substantial collection of drawings

(very nearly 2,500) that record his thoughts, most still accumulated into note pads. He was essentially dynamic in Florence (1472–ca. 1482, 1500–1508) and Milan

(ca. 1482–99, 1508–13), yet spent the most recent years of his life in Rome (1513–16) and France

(1516/17–1519), where he passed on. His virtuoso as a craftsman and creator keeps on moving specialists and researchers alike hundreds of years after his demise.


Outside of Italy, Leonardo 's work can be concentrated most promptly in drawings. He recorded his consistent stream of thoughts for artistic creations on paper. In his Studies for the Nativity (17.142.1

), he examined diverse stances and signals of the mother and her newborn child

, most likely in planning for
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A quality of secret encompasses this work of art, which is hidden in a delicate light, making an air of charm. There are no hard lines or forms here (a strategy of painting known as sfumato—fumo in Italian signifies "smoke"), just consistent moves amongst light and dim. Maybe the most striking element of the artwork is the sitter 's vague half grin. She takes a gander at the viewer, however her arms, middle, and head every turn unpretentiously in an alternate course, passing on a captured feeling of development. Leonardo investigates the potential outcomes of oil

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