Leonardo Da Vinci And The Art World Essay

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Leonardo da Vinci was a painter, sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer. Leonardo was the polymath of his time and is well known internationally. The biography I read was titled Leonardo da Vinci and was written by Sherwin B. Nuland. Sherwin B. Nuland is a surgeon, writer, educator at Yale, and a Leonardo da Vinci enthusiast. Nuland spent twenty years on a quest to unearth the life of Leonardo da Vinci. During that time Nuland traveled to the places Leonardo had been and gathered information on the mysterious life of Leonardo. Nuland collected this and analyzed this information as well as speculated on the aspects of Leonardo’s life. I chose this book because Leonardo is a significant figure in history, he was a prodigy that was ahead of his time and influenced many. His paintings are admirable and are immensely famous in religion, the art world, and history itself. Leonardo was a complex human being, so much so that he is known as the “unknown Leonardo”. All of these features about Leonardo is what makes him so intriguing. Leonardo da Vinci was born April 15, 1452 in supposedly the town of Anchiano, Italy. No one really knows exactly where Leonardo was actually born and it is still a mystery today. Leonardo was educated in Latin, Geometry, and Mathematics. Leonardo was said to be a very talented musician in his early life. He could sing and play the lyre exceptionally. Not much is known…

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