Leonardo Da Vinci Accomplishments

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Art as a profession has become more prevalent over the years. Even the style, mediums and techniques used have come a long way. With the contributions of many companies that helped start and progress art to film/TV animation, video games, graphic art, magazine illustrations and more, this report is meant to re-evaluate the works of one of the most influential artists known to all: Leonardo Da Vinci, a visionary of many talents that strongly revolutionized the world of art, notably in conceptual art, painting and sculpture. Da Vinci was known for many things especially his paintings. The paintings that will be discussed are “Lady with the Ermine”, “The Last Supper” and “The Mona Lisa.” The painting “The Lady and the Ermine” is believed to created from 1482-1483 in Milan. There are multiple theories about who the woman is. The first being Ludovico Sforca’s (duke of Milan) mistress Cecilia Gallerani, second that it is Ludovico’s wife Beatrice D’Este. The last theory is that is La Belle Ferrorniere a nickname for Francis I of France. The painting is a woman holding an animal, which is an ermine. The ermine with its fur coat is a symbol for chastity. Women at that time are virginal …show more content…
Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa around the time of 1503-1517 in Florence Italy. He used oils on white Lombardy poplar panel. People see similarities to many other Renaissance Virgin Mary portraits. The woman comes off as reserved from her posture and the position her hands on the chair. The viewer can get a feel that she is real because of the lack of lines (sfumato). The Mona Lisa is an aerial perspective painting because of the background slowly becomes unfocused. The viewer is drawn to her face since that is where most of the light is. Another reason is that she appears to have no eyebrows or eyelashes. No one knows why she has none but that is one of the things that makes her

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