Essay on Leonardo Da Vinci : A True Renaissance Man And Game Changer

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Leonardo da Vinci: A True Renaissance Man and Game-Changer
The Renaissance was “the revival of European art and literature, under the influence of classical models during the 14th through 16th centuries,” during which, the ultimate goal of a person was to excel in all aspects of life. Dubbed a “true Renaissance Man” as he experimented and flourished in diverse areas, Leonardo da Vinci, was a sculptor, artist, engineer, scientist, architect and much more. Master of realism and perspective, da Vinci makes it evident that he truly is the epitome of a Renaissance man as he exceeded and made many accomplishments contributing to the sciences, arts, and mechanisms of the time period, leaving a withstanding impact on the world today.
The genius of Leonardo da Vinci is most commonly associated with his famous painting, the Mona Lisa. Da Vinci is set apart from all other renaissance artists for he used techniques that no other was able to achieve in their work. He provided great detail to both his paintings and sculptures, that his mastery is unmatched. His Mona Lisa possessed techniques that had never been seen before. Da Vinci used outdoor scenery as the work’s background, such as mountains, valleys and rivers, which at the time, was seen as profound as most paintings had only a clear sky. He integrated glazes using the technique he created known as, “sfumato.” Meaning “like smoke,” sfumato gave his painting an illusion of somberness and mystery, whilst his choice of colour palette…

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