Essay On Leonarda Cianciulli

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Leonarda Cianciulli was born on April fourteenth, of 1894. She was born in Montella Italy. Her and her family grew up in the streets of Italy. She also attended a high school in Italy. Leonarda seemed like a normal teenage girl. She went to school and did everything she was suppose too. Her home life seemed normal just like an other family. Secretly leonarda had a self struggle of being sad and depressed while she was growing up. Twice as a young girl, she tried committing suicide. Her life contained many ups and downs. Even though she struggled, she did graduate high school, and at one point she was a university student. As Leonarda grew older, her and her mother believed that their family was cursed. Against her mother's will, Leonarda married a man named Raffaele Pansardi. After Leonarda got married, her mother strongly believed that she had been cursed. Leonarda had a nice long, healthy marriage. All throughout her marriage, Leonarda had seventeen pregnancies. Only four of her children lived to be adults. Leonarda lost three to …show more content…
Giuseppe Pansardi was drafted to the army and was expected to leave as soon as he could. When his mother heard the news, that's when everything started to fall apart for Leonarda Cianciulli. Giuseppe went to the army in 1939, and was expected to fight in combat. After her son left, she believed that because she was cursed, that was the reason that her son got drafted to the army. In 1939, soon after her son left, she believed that there was only one way to save her son from being hurt or killed in combat. Leonarda came up with an unrealistic goal to save her son, and it cost her some consequences in the long run. She believed, in her own state of mind, that if she sacrificed three human lives, then God would only need to take their lives and heaven wouldn't need her son's life. It was in 1939 when Leonarda murdered her first

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