Leo : A Young Man That Is Married With Two Children Essay

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Leo is a young man that is married with two children. Him and his family in live in a middle class suburban area. From the outside many people would assume that Leo and his family were happy and consent with life, however it’s the complete opposite. Leo isn’t stratified with his career path and seems to never maintain a steady work history.

While meeting his wife at work one day Leo spoke with a psychiatrist who just so happen to work at the same clinic where his wife does. Leo expressed to the psychiatrist that his has been struggling for years to find a job that makes him truly happy. He also shared that all his years he had yet to find a job that made him happy. Leo hasn’t been able to get a grip on his mood swings, which has left him depressed and withdrawn from his family and society.
Leo revealed that there has been period of times when he would turn to his alcohol and experiment with hallucinogens. When his mood swings worsen his became more addicted to both substances which not only caused him to change jobs again but also put a strain on his marriage.
I believe that the most important aspect of assessment and processing any case is a diagnostic interview. This initial interview should involve family members, friends, coworkers and whomever would have first knowledge to the client’s behaviors and who knows him best (Stevens & Smith, 2013). Once the interview has taken place and basic information has been gathered I would then move into the usage of an instrumental…

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