Lennie's Friendship In Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men
No matter what the situation, a loyal friend will know what’s best for you. Throughout the novel Of Mice and Men Lennie always looks up to George for guidance to get him through all of the difficult situations he finds himself in. With George’s guidance, Lennie seems to get through each and everyone. Until he finally makes a mistake where the consequences cannot be avoided. Also, George is always careful about what he lets Lennie do, this shows that George knows what Lennie is capable of and wants him to use his them for the best. Finally, despite Lennie’s many conflicts George sticks with him all the way to the end because he knows that Lennie is at risk if he leaves him alone too long.
First, George and Lennie had been traveling together for many years, and in those years George became some kind of a mentor to Lennie. In other words, Lennie always looks to George to assist him in troublesome situations. For example, when Curley attacks Lennie, Lennie says, “Make ‘um stop, George,” (63). Examples of George guiding Lennie like this can be found all throughout the story, and each time George always seems to know what’s right. There is no doubt that both George and Lennie learn from each George says “I told his old lady I’d take care of him” (22). We can only assume that this promise was made when Lennie was younger. If so Lennie learned everything from
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George and Lennie’s powerful friendship powered may of the decisions that were made. Lennie thinks of George as a mentor, to kind of guide him through hardships. With that guidance Lennie gets through these situations up to the very end. A primary factor of how Lennie pushes through is because of how careful George is about Lennie’s capabilities. Finally, George sticks to Lennie even though he gets into all this trouble; in the end it is the cruelty of what George knows is best that kills Lennie. Restate universal theme

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