Lenin And The Russian Revolution Essay

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Lenin (Russia)
Lenin was born on April 22, 1870, in Simbirsk, Russia. He was the third of six children. His parent were well educated, and he also attended high school. During the high school, he showed a particular gift of Latin and Greek. When he was a boy, his father was threatened with early retirement by a suspicious government nervous about the influence public school had on Russian society. In 1887, his big brother, Aleksandr, was arrested and executed for being a part of a group to assassinate Emperor Alexander III, and with his father already dead, Lenin became the man of the family. After he received his law degree at Kazan University, he moved to the city Samara and started to decide revolution.
Lenin adapted Marxist ideas. He promised Peace, Land, and Bread to the hungry war-weary Russian people. In November 1917, the Bolshevik, Red Guards took over the government. Afterward, he signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, which is a peace treaty with Germany.
To maintain his power, Lenin used terror with the Cheka, which is the secret police. He also closed the assembly, and the people who were elected democratically were killed. Lenin ordered ‘Red Terror’ to be placed upon those who opposed his leadership and soon developed labor camps. Labor camps had very high death rates and mass executions occurred at these camps.
The government took over bank, mines, factories, and railroads from people and controlled. Furthermore, the Cheka executed ordinary citizens,…

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