Lenie's Sympathy In Of Mice And Men By John Steinbeck

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Lennie’s Sympathy
Of Mice and Men features Lennie Small, a strong, large, not so smart man and George Milton who is much smaller and serious. The two men set off to work at a ranch and live in a bunkhouse with several other ranchers, after having to leave their previous town because of an incident involving Lennie touching a soft girl’s dress. Their dream is to live on a farm and supply for themselves.
Lennie is portrayed as a sympathetic character because of his character traits such as childlike, forgetfulness and unintelligence are given to him by Steinbeck. One of Lennie’s character traits is childlike. Lennie is portrayed as childlike because his actions are immature and George is easily annoyed by Lennie. Also, Lennie takes things too far like when he kills Curley’s wife without the intention to. In chapter two, page twenty-four, George says “If I was a relative of yours, I’d shoot myself.” This quote demonstrates how much Lennie angers George because of his childlike behavior. In chapter five, page ninety-one, “Oh! That’s nice, and he stroked harder.” Curley’s wife invites Lennie to pet her soft hair and Lennie messes it up. Then Curley’s wife begins to yell, but Lennie covers her mouth so no one hears her and Lennie don't get in trouble. Eventually, Curley’s wife is forced to stop breathing and dies. Because
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Lennie is unintelligent because of his choice of grammar. Sometimes, Lennie doesn’t finish his sentences. He also uses incorrect grammar. In chapter one, page five, Lennie says “I remember some girls come by and you say… you say…” In this quote, Lennie doesn’t finish his sentence, and he is not saying some words correctly as they are supposed to be used in the context. Lennie’s unintelligence effects the story because many people aren’t kind to Lennie because of it. Also, it hurts him because he ends up killing Curley’s wife which ends up being the reason he’s killed because of his

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