Essay about Lena Dunham Is The Creator And Writer Of The Hit Tv Show

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Lena Dunham is the creator and writer of the hit tv show for HBO entitle simple Girls, with a broad name like Girls the show and how it represents girls isn 't so broad and often criticized for it. Girls is like many shows before it, for example Sex and the City, Broad City, and Girlfriends. These type of show are made to focuses on a particular group of friends and the world around them and nothing else and Girls is no different. The show is now on its fourth season and as a hole it has depicted the life of these young girls fresh out of college try to juggle real life problems. Many say the problem with the show from a relatable stand point is the cast isn 't diverse. That is not to say that if you are not a white female that lives life with the premise of not being afraid to fail because in the back of there minds they know that there will always be someone to bail you out you can not relate to the show. Although that is a big part of what Girls is about the core of it is just about life for women experiencing new thing and trying to make something of themselves in the modern work force which is something anyone no matter what race or gender can relate to. Before one looks at the show and its content and whether its relatable you have look at the girls themselves. They may not vary in race but the general stereotypical type of girl that most of the time does rain true in a group of friends is represented in the show. Lena Dunham’s character Hannah has self esteem…

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