Lemony Snicket's The Series Of Semi-Unfortunate Events: Character Analysis

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My life has been a series of bad timing and bad luck. I believe if Lemony Snickets would have heard my story she would have titled her series The Series of Semi-Unfortunate Events. When most kids look back on their childhood they think about family vacations, the time they built a tree house with dad or running through the sprinklers when I look back the first thing I think of is when my parents got divorce. I don’t want to set the wrong picture for my childhood, it was great. I battled monsters in the sand box and made countless trips across the vase lands to the barn, I was always lucky to return home alive before dinner of course.
When I was seven years old my parents tried to explain to me that they would be moving into separate
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I was just a prize they were trying to win. I was bribed, made to feel guilty and anything my parents could think of to get me to move in full time with them. At fifteen this absolutely destroys every bit of self-confidence you have. If you are treated as nothing more than a game piece to your parents who are supposed to love you more than anyone else in the world emotionally it ruins you. At sixteen is when I began to realize that the divorce that happened almost ten years ago still was effecting me. I had trust issue with everyone. I was convinced every relationship was bound to fail. It took a lot to get me to open up to anyone. If I hadn’t have met my best friend Madi I don’t think I would have gotten over these challenges. Her parents were divorced and she had gone through a lot of the same things I had. We were able to get through it …show more content…
As far as I was concerned she could rot in hell. Within the next couple weeks I found out more of the extent of what had happened. She had spent over $500 dollars a week on drugs. She had hide letters from the bank addressed to my dad. She even went as far as taking out another loan on her car to pay for her addiction. Everyone expected my dad to walk away. To leave her to figure things out on her own. My dad told me that he didn’t want to do anything while he was still mad, he wanted to make that kind of decision with a clear head. I have never once respected my dad more than I have in this

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