Leisure Mapping Essay

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The activities performed for leisure are divided into two categories; passive leisure time and active leisure time. The department of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (2013) defines passive leisure time as the time spent on rudimentary activities that require minimal mental and physical exertion. In contrast, active leisure time is the time spent on leisurely activities that require the use of physical or mental abilities such as playing sports or socializing. For the purpose of clarity, the term active leisure time will be referred to as recreation time in this paper as both terms encompasses similar meanings. From Sunday, January 6th to Saturday, January 12th, a large portion of my time was spent sleeping, attending classes …show more content…
In my life, this is especially prevalent because I am South Asian. In the South Asian community, women are expected to learn how to be good wives essentially. They are encouraged to learn how to cook, how to take care of the house and how to attend to the needs of the men. (Jacobsen & Pratap, 2004) I am expected to go to University and get great grades so that I may pursue a rewarding career in some professional field because that’s what the eldest son in a traditional South Asian family is supposed to do. It is normal for me to go out regularly to play basketball or have dinner with my friends, to my parents that is what boys do. However, my sister is expected to help out with household chores, or most of the time, does them herself. Juggling household chores and school work does not allow my sister with enough time to go to the gym or spend time with her friends very often. If my sister goes out too much, speaks a certain way or even dresses a certain way, there are major repercussions. It is extremely unfair for my sister, but my family has had these values ingrained for generations, my parents are not easily swayed from comfortable traditions. In addition to being male in a South Asian household, being a man makes it easier for me to participate in recreational sport. I play basketball twice a week as my time map indicates. Every time I go to the gymnasium, where the basketball

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