Leininger's Four Reasons Of Transcultural Nursing

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In this paper I will discuss the eight reasons why Leininger believes transcultural nursing is a necessity. I will also give the meaning of cultural diversity in my own words and how it relates to the field of nursing. Lastly, I will explain three ways in which I provide culturally sensitive care to my patients.
Leininger has eight reasons that she believes describe why transcultural nursing is a necessity. The first reason is because there has been a large increase in migration between countries all over the world. Due to the growing diversity within this country and worldwide, transcultural nursing is necessary. Secondly, expectations have changed within the multicultural community. There has been an increase in their desires to have their beliefs, lifeways, and values to be not only understood but also to be respected within the healthcare community. The third reason is due to technology, which can create a conflict. Some cultures prohibit certain equipment to be used within their home. As technology has risen and more treatments have been available to use within their homes, it is important to know if their culture is accepting to these things (Andrews, 2016).
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Health care has been impacted with the cultural conflicts, violence, and clashes that have happened. The fifth reason is due to the increase in healthcare workers who are traveling all over the world to work. Leininger’s sixth reason is based on the increase in law suits stemming from cultural negligence, conflicts, ignorance, and the cultural imposition of health care practices. Feminism and gender issues is the seventh reason. There has been an increase in demand for needs to be met for women and children. Lastly, the eighth reason is due to the increase in demand for communities to have culturally based healthcare services (Andrews,

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