Lehgo Case Study

995 Words 4 Pages Direct Visits Through established networks with various local urban authorities, arrangements to meet with all registered Cab companies will be or are being made, visiting these directly and introducing the Lehgo concept, how it will work, the market needs it will address, before dwelling on the vast benefits it will bring the Cab company as detailed earlier. These visits will also look to better understand their needs, expectations, reservations, and feedback they may have with regards the application. Launch Event All feedback and incorporated suggestions from key parties are part of the final build of the application. All stakeholders, cab owners, cab drivers and commuters will be invited for a launch event(s) to
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Press Editorial Any Cab operators who would have missed out on the event will be informed of proceedings via a press editorial published in the leading tabloids shortly thereafter. The write-up will again emphasise on the benefits for both the Cab operator and the commuter, illustrate how the application will work, and encourage the reader to download and register for the application from their respective application store. This advertising media will also be used to reach the general motorist and the passenger alike. Graphics featured herein will also include screenshots from the application.
While we have focused primarily on Cab operators, as the heading shows, these marketing initiatives will also be used to attract bus companies to use the application. We will reach out to bus drivers to get a first-hand account of their experiences driving long distances, meet with the management teams to better align the Lehgo Mobile Application to their operations, and present the applicability of the platform with long distance buses. 7.3. REACHING & COMMUNICATING WITH THE MOTORIST
Reaching and communicating with motorists who are keen to extend ride sharing services will be achieved primarily by outdoor advertising in contexts frequented by such ones. In addition to the abovementioned press editorial, this therefore includes use of the following
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- Benjamin Franklin Never in my life did I steal a penny that didn't belong to me.
- Sean Quinn
The caption could then close of with something along the lines of “Earn an extra penny from ride sharing by downloading the Lehgo Mobile Application TODAY” while also referring the audience to the corporate website for additional information.
Another way we can portray the bigger picture would be to simply calculate the total amount the motorist could earn from ride sharing per year. Based on the calculation that the motorist will make two trips (to and from home) daily where they can offer someone a ride at US$0.50, this comes up to US$1,456.00 per year from four passengers per trip, before commission.
7.3.2. Banner Advertisements The above messages can also be portrayed via banner advertisement displayed at service stations and shopping centres across the city, these being places that all motorists frequent regularly.
7.3.3. Radio Lastly, getting airplay on the leading radio stations will also further our objective herein. Most drivers listen to radio during their commute to and from work and hence, buying airtime during these peak periods will greatly improve the reach of our advertising initiatives. We intend to advertise on radio stations to counter effect the traffic and cast spread of the

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