Essay on Lego Case Study

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I will be responsible for starting the presentation. In my part, I will begin by introducing the group’s members and saying what everyone is going to talk about. Secondly, I will begin by introducing our partners in LEGO to have a global information of the company, short but clear.

I will talk about the history of the company, beginning, growth, expansion and current affairs.

Later I’ll do a little description of their products, kind of them, why kids likes them, what they offer in their product, if they are safety or not…

And finally I will also focus on the organization of the company like its organizational chart, managers and where they operate.
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Lego also engage in social activities that tend to develop a better relationship between them, the clients and the society they are operating in. Technological
The technological forces dictate the trends in the toy industry; these forces are the one that determine what should be used to create a product. Lego offered new innovations in its technological aspect and introduced new concepts with regards to its industry. It has moved away from the use of wood as its materials instead it focused on plastic and other newer technologies. Since technology rapidly changes Lego makes sure they are updated to what is happening and they can adjust to these changes. If other industries use new technologies to create products; Lego tries to use technology in competing with such technologies.
The legal forces in the domestic market try to make sure that there is fairness in terms of laws in that region. The legal forces of domestic market can create changes in the way business is done by Lego. Legohas to be make sure that they follow the different laws of the market they engage transaction in. Lego don’t want to risk their client’s welfare and the industry’s image by breaking local and international laws. Lego makes sure that the transactions they engage in will have a legal basis and will be sanctioned by local or international legal

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