Legislative Impact On Victims And Offenders Of Sexual Victimization

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Legislative Impact on Victims and Offenders of Sexual Victimization Legislator’s goals to combat sexual practices are focused on informing the public of the threat it poses on the safety and health of victims. Meloy, Curtis, & Boatwright (2013) stated, making citizens aware of “who is a potential threat and to make sure that the law enforcement know whom the offenders are and how to find them and be able to keep an eye on them” is a fundamental way to ensure public safety. Legislators try to define the correct punishment for offenders by giving options on the level of punishment to be levied to an offender. A survey given to recent victims of sexual victimization resulted in the following: “ a) that lawmakers were familiar with the sex offender laws in their state, b) that victims played a central role in the creation of sex offender laws, c) that policy makers crafted laws with specific goals and purposes in mind, d) that lawmakers believed their laws were functioning as intended, e) that negative out- comes were a common problem with sex offender laws, and f. that policy makers were more optimistic that sex offender legislation can stop crimes than they were about adult sex offender therapy reducing recidivism” (Meloy, Curtis, & Boatwright, 2013, p.449). The rape reform revolution in the 1970’s, led to a drastic change on how the criminal justice system handles sexual victimization. The legislation has provided rights for domestic and sexual violence,…

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