Legislation Requirements Needed For The Nursing Profession Essay

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NRS 123 – Health Law for nurses
Louise Wells
Assessment Item 1
Legislation and Nursing Practice
Due Date: 12th September, 2016


In this essay, I will endeavour to demonstrate my knowledge, and address the relevant legislation requirements needed for the Nursing Profession. Based on the Case Scenario, I will identify the importance of practicing within a Nurse’s scope of ability, and specific areas of legal requirements needed to stay compliant for Registration. “In addition to legal obligations, practitioners are also under an ethical obligation to notify concerns about a practitioner” (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia).
“These guidelines explain the essential need for registered health practitioners, employers of practitioners and education providers, to make mandatory notifications under the National Law, to prevent the public being being placed at risk of harm”. (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia).

BODY Based on the case scenario, John is a Registered Nurse on a very busy ward. When he was doing his morning medication rounds, he was interrupted by a colleague, and unfortunately administers the wrong dose of medication to his patient. Elements such as distractions and interruptions when delivering care to a patient, can have a significant impact on medication safety.
There are three major areas liable for breech of the Acts and Regulation for Registered Nurses in Australia. The first breech “Is duty of care”, the…

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