James Madison's Legacy

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James Madison: An American Legend
James Madison truly led our country as president during the war of 1812 and he led ‘his’ nation against the British and canadian allies to help the nation not only reach peace but also propel our country to a prosperous future. After the British Navy abducted U.S. sailors and force them into their own Navy, Madison received a unanimous vote “79-49 for it in the House, 19-13 in the Senate.” Leadership can be defined as “The art of leading others to deliberately create a result that wouldn 't have happened otherwise.” James Madison in the war of 1812 led the U.S. to a result that probably wouldn’t have happened unless he were in office. Legacy can be defined as;“genuinely grounded in offering yourself and making
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First of all, he went into a war that he wanted nothing to do with but he knew he had to help his country. He gave up some of his popularity and went to war against the British considering that it was legitimately the “first ‘unpopular war’ in U.S. history.” Madison’s contribution to humanity was that he was one of the first to “establish, once and for all, respect for American rights on the high seas and emerged from the war with more support than he had first inaugurated in 1808.” So, Madison not only survived the “unpopular war” but got more support in the end because citizens loved the way Madison stood up for their rights but also the way he handled possibly one of the most powerful militaries at the time. James Madison’s legacy can also be attributed to him largenening the governments central power and established a national bank which is still applied today. Another part of Madison’s legacy is how influential he was. Obviously if the way he managed the war can be traced to Lincoln, he influenced him enough to manage the civil war in the same fashion that Madison managed the War of 1812. The U.S. reaching a treaty with the British paved the path for our country throughout time which is the reasoning for some to consider Madison “The most successful and possibly influential of the Founding …show more content…
Madison’s effort in the War of 1812 paved the path for our country to grow and develop into what we are today. Not only is James Madison one of the most under-rated Founding Fathers, but he is considered “The most successful” of all the Founding Fathers. His legacy carries on today with all American’s always standing up for our rights which is an ideal that Madison preached and is a primary reason why Madison’s military was victorious in the War of 1812. We can learn from Madison that if you give yourself to a bigger cause than just your own, not only will people follow, but one will be very

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