Essay on Legalizing Same Sex Marriage

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Michelle Burns
COMM1133 - Section 57
Shelley Bradley
Essay 2 - Final draft
Thursday, December 5th 2013
Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage

Put yourself in the position of a homosexual and imagine how they feel in regards to the injustices of their sexual orientation. Some feel humiliation and others rejection, simply because homosexuals are attracted to the same sex. Same-sex marriages should be legalized internationally because the Bible dictates only one of many lifestyles to live by and there is more to marriage than legal recognition. In addition, it would eliminate discrimination against same-sex marriages. The Bible appears to be the leading argument opposing same-sex marriages. It is known across the Christian religion that
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There is more to marriage than the ceremony and law recognition of the union. love should be the main reason for marriage and as long as you’re happy with that person, their physical appearance should not be a deciding factor. Michael Griffith sates that the controversy of equivalent rights regarding marriage is the attempt of homosexuals to guide others to understand that same-sex love is the same as heterosexual love, while admirable, complex and normal (as cited in Miletic, 2013, p.8). Many also claim that by legalizing same-sex marriage, there would be an increase in divorce rates. In contradiction, data provided by the Census Bureau and The Centre of Disease Control’s National Vital Statistics System indicates that amongst the 10 states with the lowest divorce rate, in addition to the District of Columbia, 5 of them have authorized and recognized same-sex marriage (as died in Kurtzleben
, 2001, p.1). Also, if your marriage is recognized under the law, you are entitled certain benefits, such as bank accounts, shared health benefits and bills. In areas where same-sex marriage is not authorized, they are unable to receive these benefits, which may cause financial instability or conflicts for the couple. By prohibiting same-sex marriage without the thorough examination of the meaning of marriage, the law makers are discriminating against the same-sex couples. By discouraging and prohibiting same-sex marriage, society is

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