Essay on Legalizing Marijuana

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Marijuana, Mary-Jane, weed, ganja, bud, reefer pot, bud . . . one plant, numerous names. I believe we all know what Marijuana is and have tried or know someone that has tried it. Marijuana and its legalization has been argued about for many years now. Some peoples view the drug as a bad thing while others identify it as a beneficial herb; marijuana should be legalized.
”Cannabis Sativa is perhaps the most recognizable plant in the world.” (Bonsor, 2) The pot leaf is put on clothing, jewelry, bumper stickers and is used in graffiti. “Marijuana is the single most used drug in the United States.” (Bonsor, 2) According to “InfoFacts - Marijuana” 60.4% of 12th graders in 1979 had used marijuana at least once in their lifetime. There were 2.6
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According to Time Magazine, "We spend $68 billion per year on corrections, and one-third of those being corrected are serving time for nonviolent drug crimes. We spend about $150 billion on policing and courts, and 47.5% of all drug arrests are marijuana-related. That is an awful lot of money, most of it non-federal that could be spent on better schools or infrastructure - or simply returned to the public.
The government will save money if marijuana is legalized. They will not have to spend as much money on policing or jailing. The estimate amount of money spent on the War on Drugs in 2003 was over $19 billion. This amount has increased by over a billion dollars since then. By legalizing marijuana, the money spent funding the DEA and keeping smokers in jail could be spent on medical care and education. This would help boost the people’s budgets. The War on drugs is failing horribly. The government wastes so much time preventing it, while people continue to smoke marijuana. It’s a lost cause; they should legalize it and give it the same regulations as alcohol and tobacco.

Marijuana should be legal in all medical systems as well. The ancient Indians, Natives and Egyptians have used marijuana as a medicinal purpose for over 4,000 years. Although smoking marijuana may not be the healthiest for your respiratory system, there are numerous ways to consume marijuana. You can drink it; mix it in with certain foods or best of all use a Vapour-Bong. Marijuana is

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