Legalizing Marijuana For Medical Purposes Essay

1630 Words Nov 23rd, 2016 7 Pages
In light of the unprecedented election on November 8, the year of our lord 2016, that elected Donald Trump as our next president, California residents woke up with a massive what the heck happened headache. How could this be? How did America afford to elect a temperamentally unfit, manifestly unqualified candidate to the White House? The answer is many, but yet no one knows why or how it happen. Subsequently, us Californians can turn our sorrows and despair over the fate and uncertainty of America with California grown Purple Kush, one of the best, highly sought after marijuana on the market. As we all know, California residents voted 56.52% in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana also known a Proposition 64 (BallotPedia).
Specifically, Proposition 64 started back in 1996 with Proposition 215; legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. With the passing of Prop 215, California became the first state to legalize medical marijuana, thus ushering in a new era for cannabis law reform. Consequently, this unprecedented move has since led the way for a many states to follow suit. Twenty-five states, including the District of Columbia have since legalized medical marijuana. As the saying goes; “As California Goes, So Goes the Country (Purdum, Todd). Marijuana has been a controversial hot subject for the last decade. Whether it is safe, addicting, or causes permanent long term effects are still being studied. Nonetheless, states have legalized medical marijuana and…

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