Legalizing Marijuana And It 's Benefits Essay examples

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Legalizing Marijuana and it’s Benefits

The Legalization of Marijuana has been the topic of discussions for some time now and there has been many citizens and politicians opposed to legalizing it. However, there are a vast majority of benefits that come along with legalizing this natural substance. Fortunately, there have been many people that have been able to subdue their pain from many medical illnesses by consuming marijuana, without needing to take prescription medications and suffering from the ailing side effects of these prescription medications. Although, there are still many states that don’t allow the use of marijuana, due to a rise of concerns from driving under the influence of marijuana and the inability to test at the time of suspicion. There is also the fear of more kids consuming the drug, but with proper laws set beforehand there is no difference than the consumption of alcohol and the risks that are posed with alcohol being legal. The lists of benefits from boosting the economy to helping the justice system out ways the uncertain possibilities of the negative impacts that worry these citizens and politicians that are opposed to marijuana legalization.
First of all, many people are aware of the unpredictable side effects of prescription medication that often include “ possibly fatal”, but has there been any substantial side effects with the use of marijuana? The answer is no. With 28 states currently acting with the…

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