Essay Legalizing Marijuan The Highest Disease Rate

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Legalizing marijuana can help this because it can bring in more money and also it can erase the statistic saying that Louisiana has the highest disease rate. It is true that the world has had real consequences as Louisiana residents mostly African Americans, live daily with the threat of getting absorbed with the one institution that does enjoy budget prioritization; prison. Despite being among the states with the highest cancer and HIV/AIDS rates in the country, Louisiana is now weighing making millions of dollars in cuts to its hospitals and universities to clean up Jindal’s mess. This overall economic disaster is being made worse by the recent major drop in oil prices, which has disrupted the drilling industry Louisiana relies upon heavily (Guidry). In Colorado, that course of action is paying off for the state handsomely. The legal, regulated sale of marijuana brought in nearly a $1 billion last year, which amounted to $135 million in tax revenue for the state. A study released earlier this month from the Marijuana Policy Group found that a tax on medical marijuana alone could bring Louisiana roughly $135 million in tax revenue for the state. That kind of windfall would be a true success for Louisiana (Mock).
In order to provide more programs for Americans, Louisiana can put taxes on marijuana to make a profit. The federal government imposes stamp taxes on deeds, the issue and transfer of stocks and bonds. In Louisiana, those who buy, transport, or import marijuana…

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