Legalized Gambling in Hawaii Essay

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Casinos in Hawaii: A Good or Bad Gamble?

The streets of Las Vegas Boulevard, which are littered with advertisements picturing naked girls willing to provide their services for a price, can be a scary place as someone takes a stroll. Drunk men stumble out of strip clubs and casinos, and girls in gaudy clothing and stilettos apply lipstick at their post. Nobody knows when someone lurking in the shadows might pop out with a knife to steal an unsuspecting person’s wallet. Or even worse, a friendly-looking stranger walking in the opposite direction could be waiting to come across the right person to drag into a dark alley, muffle their screams so that their cries for help blend into the noisy background of the streets, and do the
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It did not decrease the unemployment rate because most of the people who were hired for the new jobs were simply shifting from previous employment. The slight increase of employment could have been attained without legalizing gambling. Research done by the New Mexico Coalition Against Legalized Gambling shows that the legalization of gambling, which is supposed to be a strategy for economic development, actually causes economic decline. A study done in South Dakota showing that the legalization of gambling caused a decline of interest in auto sales, retail, recreational services, business services, and all other services excluding those of hotel service, supports the opposition of bringing casinos to Hawaii. The study shows that legalization of gambling will have a negative impact on local businesses because people will choose to invest their money elsewhere. Instead of taking part in recreational activities such as heading down to Sea Life Park to swim with the dolphins, tourists might choose to invest their time and money gambling in a hotel casino. Instances like that, where money is going toward the prosperity of casinos, have a negative financial impact on local businesses. In Atlantic City, there was an increase in homelessness and crime after the introduction of casinos. The increase of the rate of crime led to a decrease of property value for many communities. Crime rates are

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