Legalize Marijuana Persuasive Essay

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Marijuana One in ten teens aged twelve to seventeen currently uses marijuana in the United States (Laliberte, ). Legalizing marijuana is an incorrect decision. A few reasons the government should not legalize marijuana is because it’s very addicting, there are bad effects on the body, and states that have already legalized marijuana aren’t going over well. Marijuana should only be legalized under medical purposes if they are beneficial. Marijuana is the most widely illicit drug used in the United States (Laliberte, ). Marijuana is a green, brown, or gray mixture of dried leaves, stems, seeds, and flowers off the hemp plant. Marijuana is commonly known as Mary Jane, pot, weed, dope, and grass. Although marijuana has many common names its technical name is Cannabis sativa (Laliberte, ). Cannabis sativa has over four hundred chemicals. These chemicals have been identified as a mixture of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. There are many ways individuals consume marijuana. They have reported to smoking, eating, chewing, or brewing marijuana (Richman). As soon as the drug is consumed it enters the brain and individuals have claimed to feel euphoric or “high”. This ‘high’ feeling can last anywhere from one to three hours. A few signs of being on this “high” are bloodshot eyes, an abundance amount of hunger, poor memory, slow …show more content…
Marijuana should be illegal due to the high possibility of addiction, the effects on an individual’s body, and the states that have already legalized aren’t having all the benefits they thought. An individual could agree that if medical marijuana is used for treatment and it’s beneficial then it should be legal. Under all other circumstances marijuana should be illegal. There are many negative effects involving an individual 's mental and physical health while using recreational marijuana. An individual could find consuming marijuana fun at the time. Now this user can realize all the negative effects marijuana comes

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