Death Penalty Legalization

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An eye for an eye, the ending of a life. The death penalty by definition is a capital punishment, signifying the profound conduct for committing heinous crimes. In the United States there is a significant divide between the states regarding the legalization of the death penalty. The main argument presented when speaking of the death penalty is the question of whether the act itself remains constitutional. On average thirty lives have been ended by this complex process per year. The eighth amendment states that the government forbids cruel and unusual punishment; however most argue the point that the people who are to be put under this sanction are serving their crime. The death penalty on average costs about two million thousand
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The use of the death penalty has changed over the years and is now used to satiate society’s thirst for visible, tangible justice. Although approximately thirty percent of states in America have deemed it illegal to utilize the death penalty as a form of punishment for supposed criminals, it is still used to this day. The death penalty is arguably a viable source of justice because criminals should be reprimanded for their crimes, the government should have the power to punish those who pose a menace to society, the families of the deceased should obtain well deserved justice, and the safety of citizens should be protected, even if the cost is a human life.
Why should criminals be reprimanded? Simple revenge. Revenge a concept we want to believe doesn't tower all other emotions we have when wronged. The death penalty rightly so, gives families that sense of “revenge.” According to “We have the responsibility to punish those who deserve it, but only to the degree they deserve it.”, this shows that as a society we feel responsible to punish accordingly. The death penalty brings families who have
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The news reports become invest in the lives of killers rather than acknowledge the name of victims. In either perspectives of the sanction regarding the death penalty society cannot deny that remorse and sympathy go to the families that are suffering. Society as a whole must take into account the price of how much it costs to hold prisoners in jail. Millions of tax dollars go to jails, how is that justice families have to sleep at night without their loved ones while paying for a roof over the heads of the culprits that took their family members to begin with. By trying to shelter these bad people we are subconsciously helping these murderers,rapists and terrorists. In 2016 committees branched to convince voters to pass prop 66,¨A yes on Prop. 66 brings closure to families while saving California taxpayers millions of dollars every year.",( although the information stated in the bill to pass was compelling not all people saw eye to eye with the proposition which led to the divide in some states. Although it is very true that the agony victim families feel is not erased by the heartbeat of the criminal, the assurance that no other girl/boy will be hurt the way their loved one was helped some families move forward. As unethical it may seem to argue that all murderous monsters should die, religiously in the bible it says an eye for an eye under appropriate punishment.

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